September 15, 2017

★Update★ Hailey Cooke

Today I want to show you something different. I want to show that even the game can create something beautiful. I'm a bit obsessed with the game genetics and I like maxis premades because of a reason. I like to breed them and see the results across the family tree.

Hailey Cooke (née Caliente)

Aspiration: Popularity/Family
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Turns On/Off: Black Hair/Mechanical, Fatness
Predestinated Hobby: Cuisine
Career: Military

Hailey is lovely descendant of maxis pre-made sims. Her face features are perfect mixture of her parents and their parents. Her mother is Dagmar Bertino, pre-made mail deliverer.
Her father, Donovan, is a grandson of Dina Caliente and Michael Bachelor (from his mother's side) and Don Lothario and Kaylynn Langerak (from his father's side). 

Hailey was born and raised in game, she is pure maxis but still a beauty. She's married to James (Julien Cooke's grandson) and they live together in a house with a white picket fence and raising two beautiful children, son Travis and daughter Catherine.

Now, my dear simmers, you can have her too.

 She has defaults for maxis skin, eyes and clothes, so she will show up in your own.
You get everything else you see on her. Many thanks to all CC creators.

I have all EP's and SP's.
I recommend to use Sims2Pack Clean Installer. 

Feel free to use her in your game, family trees, stories, legacies.
Please do not clone her and claim her as your own.
Let me know if something goes wrong.
Feedbacks are welcome :)

1 comment:

  1. Just plain awesome! Although Lowi's sims are among the prettiest created ever, Hailey is just as lovely!



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