March 12, 2010

Rules, policy and other information

Requests and you

If you want something from me - don't be afraid to ask.

If I can do it for you I'll do it as best as I can.

I do hair recolors/retextures/custom hair/highlights/colorful hair/house or sims; so you may attach photo of hairmesh you want to be recolored or someone/something to be done.

But please keep in mind that it takes some time so it's not the next day!

Rules, policy and Terms Of Use

Use my creations for anything your heart wishes but remember:

My stuff here is 100% free to so its not necessary to re-upload my files - please don't do it!

No TSR or other paysites or Exchange.

Do NOT claim as your own (stealing is not cool, nope nope).

Do NOT use, modify or edit my hair textures please.

You can include my creations in your *.sims2packs, zip or rar files. Credit to me is not necessary but it would be really nice and is always warmly appreciate.


If you want to add my stuff to your updates or whatever, please do NOT hotlink my images!

If download link is dead or something went wrong, please contact me, I'll try my best to fix it.

Do NOT try to fix or re-edit my recolors without permission!

Do NOT convert my creations to The Sims 3/4.

Please comment my creations because your feedbacks always make my day and encourages me.

In case you want to link me, here's the button:
If you have any question, wanna chat or complain about sims stuff or have a request, contact me at:

If you like my creations, you can recommend my site if you want to☻
Many Thanks To Everyone..


  1. Anna, your hair recolors are so alive! I love them.
    I had asked in a previous post if you would like to affiliate with Affinity, if you thought we would be compatible. I would love to see your updates of this site on Affinity. We need some good hair recolorist that we could recommend to our members and guests. Think about it.
    Hugs, Nonni

  2. Hi! Anna,
    Rebecah made a Toddler hair and I was wondering if you could recolor/retexture it. You could find it [url=]here[/url].
    Thank you for Affiliating!
    Hugs, Nonni

  3. That didn't work...
    The hair is in the download section and the title of the download is "Playable Girl N Boy Dolls - Toddler Hair". I hope you can find it.

    1. Thanks Nonni... I'll try my best and will see what I could make with it :)

  4. Hi there. :) Can't believe I haven't commented here until now - I really, really need to get better at that!

    I wonder if you'd like to affiliate? Your creations are beautiful, and I'd be thrilled to have you as an affiliate. :) (No hard feelings whatsoever if you say no, though - in that case, I'll link to you instead.)

    You can find my button on my Links page, here.




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