October 8, 2016

Good Genes Challenge - Spooky Edition (2nd round)

My second entry for spooky good genes challenge at GoS.
See others entries, their results of genetic lottery are lovely!

gen 1 = Count Blah Draculis + Brandi Broke (Zelda, Vilma, Tara)
gen 2 = Tara Draculis + Matthew Picaso (Mona, Ginevra, Malcolm)
gen 3 = Malcolm Draculis + Natasha Una ( Ruby Ann, Martha, Elena)

Extra picture of Elena Draculis. I like her face...


  1. Elena is so beautiful! Is there any chance you could put her as well as Mona and Tara up for download? I'd love to have them in my game. :)

    1. Thank you so much. But my game crashed before I could save the playing, so I lost those simmies. Still working on it, my laptop is old and slow. Pictures are all that remain :-(



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