March 8, 2016

Another year over

C'mon, it can't be that long... six years already? It's kind of... it doesn't sound like me...
But it is true. S-i-x years of existing my little sim corner in the internet. Wow.
I almost can't believe it.

I published last thing exactly one year ago. Yes. I know. But it doesn't mean that I stop simming. No. I play sims every spare moment in week. Building, decorating, or just free game. I enjoy the game just like the first time. Sims 2 is my love♥

I'm not creating stuff for the game but I'm sure it's temporary. I'll start again one day, I know it. It won't be nothing special... but that day will come. Someday...

But today is about celebrating and this blog deserves a wish!
Birthday we have only once a year.

So Happy Birthday Lowi♥Sims! Please bear patience with me and be awesome.

With love and respect, Lowi


  1. <3 Happy Birthday Lowi♥Sims!

  2. Tak to je paráádní číslo:) velká gratulace..:) těším se na nějakou tvojí další tvorbu:)

  3. a ať žije The sims 2..:D moje láska to je taky..:)



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