October 30, 2014

★Update★ Elsa the Snow Queen

My nephew Daniel asked me many many times: "Make simElsa auntie, make simElsa!"
It sounded more like a command than a request, but whatever. He's cute anyway.
So here she is. I did my best. I like the result


By the way, today's my birthday so I want to share "simElsa" with you!

Happy Birthday Lowi ~

note: Elsa is wearing gorgeous formal gown which is not included - get it here.
She is wearing another pretty everyday dress from Frency

Do not claim as your own.
Do not redistribute anywhere.
Do not clone or copy.

Feel free to use in your game.


I have all EP's and SP's. 


  1. She is gorgeous! Thank you very much!

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Oh, she is absolutely PERFECT, Anna! I love your Elsa! SIMply divine! (And my great-niece who loves all things from Frozen, would LOVE her, too!!!) Bravo, m'lady!!! Well done!

  3. I have never DL'ed a Sim before, but I just have to put your Elsa in my Medieval/Fantasy hood. Perhaps she and Snow White will be friends? Beautiful work, thanks for sharing. Greywolf3 @ PBK

  4. Your sim is beautiful, really reminds me of Elsa. Thank you so much for sharing your creations with us, that's very admirable of you. My little sister will love her I am sure, so thanks again! Have a good day. :)



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