March 8, 2017

Seven happy years


Another year is over and you are still here! 
This wish is half nostalgic, half seriously joyful.

I wish to you all the best...
...articles, comments, new visitors, loyalty of existing ones, attention... lots of attention.

Bear patience with me, dear blog.
You're in my thoughts (almost) every day.
You're great, awesome and beloved.

You will never be forgotten. I will not forget.

From Lowi With Love

1 comment:

  1. Happy Anniversary! :D Time flies, doesn't it? Your blog and mine are almost the same age - my seven-year anniversary is coming up in September. Me, I was toiling in complete obscurity back then, nobody had any idea who I was. (Not that all that many people know who I am now, but anyway. :P )

    Here's to seven more productive years for both of us!



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